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Suspect's son interviewed Gina's mum after kidnap


Georgina DeJesus. Photo: Getty Images

Georgina DeJesus. Photo: Getty Images

Georgina DeJesus. Photo: Getty Images

IN an ironic twist, the son of the chief suspect in the Ohio kidnapping probe penned an article about the disappearance of one of the victims.

As the story behind the kidnapping continues to come to light, it has emerged that Anthony Castro – son of suspect Ariel – wrote about the kidnapping of 14-year-old Gina DeJesus while studying journalism.

Anthony Castro even quoted the victim's mother, Nancy Ruiz, in an article published nine years ago in The Plain Press community newspaper.

Incredibly, he was writing about a shocking disappearance which is now being pinned on his own father.



Anthony, who wrote the article under his father's name, wrote how the disappearance had shook the Cleveland community, which steadfastly refused to give up on the search.

'On Cleveland's west side, it is difficult to go any length of time without seeing Gina's picture on telephone poles, in windows, or on cars along the busy streets,' he wrote.

DeJesus went missing at age 14 in 2004 while making her way home from school.

The article – written two months later – details the impact her disappearance had on local families.

'For seven weeks, Gina's family has been organising searches, holding prayer vigils, posting fliers and calling press conferences,' Castro wrote.

'Despite the many tips and rumours that have been circulating in the neighbourhood, there has been no sign of her. One thing is for certain, however. Almost everyone feels a connection with the family, and Gina's disappearance has the whole area talking.'



But the quoting of the victim's mother has cast a new eeriness on the already incredible story. Nancy Ruiz stated: "People are really looking for my daughter". She added: "People are watching out for each other's kids. It's a shame that a tragedy had to happen for me to really know my neighbours. Bless their hearts, they've been great."

Castro graduated with a degree in print journalism in 2004. He is now believed to be working in customer services in a financial institution. He spoke of his shock after learning of his father's arrest. "This is beyond comprehension. I'm truly stunned."