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Suspect's estranged son joined hunt

Abduction suspect Mark Bridger's son joined in the search for missing schoolgirl April Jones before his father was arrested by police, it has emerged.

Scott Williams said he had been estranged from his 46-year-old father for most of his life and only met him a couple of months before April (5) disappeared.

Scott, like many locals in the Machynlleth area, said he joined volunteers in a search for the youngster -- and also spoke of how little contact he has had with his father.

The teenager said: "I have searched (for April) since she has gone missing. How has this affected my family? It's nothing to do with us really. He (my dad) has never been in my life.

"I have only met him on a couple of occasions like down the local pub. But it was a shock when we heard it on the news that he'd been arrested."

Police said that Mr Bridger's background was one of many lines of inquiry they were examining. The suspect has young daughters living yards from where April was snatched, who regularly played with her. Two of his former partners both live on the estate.