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Suspect quizzed on Daniel murder

THE CHIEF suspect in the murder of tragic 17-year-old Daniel McAnaspie has been arrested by gardai.

The suspect, in his mid-20s, has a history of erratic behaviour and over a dozen convictions for assault, robbery and criminal damage.

He was arrested yesterday and is being quizzed along with another man, who gardai believe helped him hide Daniel's body.

It is the second time the men have been arrested in connection with the murder and gardai have now made 10 arrests in the investigation so far.

The chief suspect has a history of using knives against teens and being violent to women.

Daniel McAnaspie was stabbed six times in the upper body and neck, using what gardai believe was a set of garden shears.

He died after he absconded from Health Service Executive care. He had been living in care in a house in Donabate, north Dublin.