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Suspect in Hutch murder probe has two weeks to battle bid to send him home


British police swoop on Jonathan Keogh in Essex after a surveillance operation

British police swoop on Jonathan Keogh in Essex after a surveillance operation

Gareth Hutch

Gareth Hutch

Jonathan Keogh

Jonathan Keogh


British police swoop on Jonathan Keogh in Essex after a surveillance operation

An alleged killer wanted for a gangland murder in Dublin was ordered to be extradited from the UK, it can be revealed.

Jonathan Keogh (31) was apprehended early on June 11 after a surveillance operation by the National Crime Agency.

Mr Keogh is set to be charged by authorities here with the murder of Gareth Hutch (35). Keogh was found hiding out in Romford, Essex, after applying for a passport online and was arrested by officers, it is said.

He had fled Ireland following the gun murder in front of Mr Hutch's young son in May 2016.

Mr Keogh appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court last Thursday and was told he will be extradited to Ireland.


He has two weeks to appeal the extradition order imposed by district judge Richard Blake.

A European Arrest Warrant for Mr Keogh was issued late last year. The DPP in Ireland has ruled he should be charged with murder.

Mr Keogh's sister, mum-of-five Regina Keogh (39), appeared at Dublin District Court in June charged with the murder of Mr Hutch.

It is believed that father-of-one Mr Hutch - shot dead by two men outside his home in Avondale House, North Cumberland Street - was a victim of the Kinahan and Hutch feud.

CCTV footage, which captured the murder, shows two men with their faces covered approach Hutch from behind before fatally shooting him.

Gardai suspect the killing was linked to the ongoing Hutch-Kinahan feud, which has so far claimed 12 lives.

Gareth Hutch, the nephew of gang boss Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch, was gunned down just four weeks after carrying his uncle Eddie's coffin after he too was murdered.

Eddie's murder was in retaliation for the execution of Kinahan henchman David Byrne three days previously, when gunmen dreesed as gardai and carrying AK47s stormed the Regency Hotel in north Dublin during a boxing weigh-in.

Gareth Hutch's brother, Patrick Hutch Jnr, was charged with Byrne's murder and will face a non-jury Special Criminal Court in January 2018.

His cousin, Gary (34), was shot dead in Spain in 2015 by members of the Kinahan gang, who believed he was a police informant, sparking the gangland war that has left 12 dead so far.

The Kinahan mob is also believed to be behind the murder of The Monk's long-time associate Noel 'Kingsize' Duggan, who was shot dead on March 25 last year outside his home.

The latest victim, Michael Keogh (37), is the brother of Jonathan Keogh. He was gunned down in an underground car park last month at Sheridan Court in the north inner city.


The small-time criminal was not directly involved in the ongoing feud and was considered a soft target. Father-of-two Michael had just started a new job in construction.

Jonathan Keogh is the third person to be charged with the murder of Mr Hutch, along with his sister Regina and Thomas Fox (29), who appeared in court earlier this year also charged with the murder.

He will face trial at the non-jury Special Criminal Court.