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Suspect in dad kidnapping was held over gun murder of Donna

A CRIMINAL suspect in the abduction of a Dublin dad was previously arrested for the murder of innocent Dublin mum Donna Cleary.

The Coolock-based thug in his 20s is believed to have played a key role in attacking and bundling dad-of-one Ciaran Noonan (29) into the back of a black Volkswagen Golf in East Wall on Thursday of last week.

The man's identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons but he was arrested by gardai investigating the murder of tragic Donna (22) who was shot dead at a house party in March 2005.

The Coolock suspect was present on the night that Donna was murdered and is understood to have known her. The man is not suspected of firing the gun that killed Donna.

The suspect has since become a close associate of a notorious Swords-based drugs boss who sources believe ordered the abduction of Ciaran Noonan.

Neither criminal has been arrested by gardai yet.

The Swords-based crime boss - who is also originally from Coolock - is a convicted killer who has also served a lengthy jail sentence for drug dealing.

It is understood that Mr Noonan owed this dangerous crimelord a €20,000 drugs debt.

Sources now believe that Ciaran has been murdered and his body buried in a secret location in Co Meath.

So far, gardai have made one arrest in the case. This was a woman in her 20s who was released without charge after being questioned about withholding information.

Nothing has been heard from Mr Noonan since he was brutally attacked and bundled into the car after visiting his aunt in the East Wall area of Dublin.

Mr Noonan ran and attempted to hide in a nearby garden but he was found and badly beaten with an iron bar as he was being dragged to the car.

He was then bundled into the vehicle, which sped off.

In an interview with the Herald earlier this week, Mr Noonan's distraught mother Geraldine made an impassioned plea for his safe return.

"He's my child. He's a father. He has a brother, a dad, aunts, uncles, cousins. He's a human being. He's my flesh and blood," she said.

"Anyone out there with any compassion, give me my child. I haven't eaten or slept. I just want my son, I want him home. Anyone out there that has seen, heard, anything please inform Store Street gardai, please."