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Suspect in bride’s hotel murder also a newlywed

ONE OF the hotel workers charged with the murder of Michaela McAreavey is also a newlywed, it has been revealed.

The young bride of one of the suspects, Sandip Mooneea, was inconsolable outside the Mauritian court where her husband was provisionally charged.

Her brother said the family was stunned that the floor manager had been arrested after Michaela’s death.

“Sandip is a good man. he is himself only recently married. He married my sister last week,” said the man.

Mooneea’s new wife is now facing her own turmoil, just as John McAreavey struggles to come to terms with organising the funeral for Michaela, who he only married 10 days before she was brutally attacked in their five-star honeymoon suite in the Legends Hotel.

Meanwhile, the wife of room attendant Avinash Treebhoowoon, Reshma, has claimed her husband is innocent.

He remains the chief suspect in the death of Michaela.

“My husband is innocent. He was beaten. He was subjected to police brutality,” Ms Reshma claimed.

A group of family members relating to all three of the men gathered outside Mapou District Court yesterday.

Wives, children and parents were shocked and grief-stricken as they watched the three men being brought into court.

The three man charged face up to 45 years in prison if convicted, and the killing is likely to re-ignite public debate about capital punishment on the Indian Ocean island.

The death penalty there was abolished in 1995.