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Suspect 'had rows over noise' before birthday bloodbath

The parents of a teenager whose 18th birthday ended in a bloodbath had concerns about the suspect after a number of previous encounters with him.

It has emerged that the frenzied attack saw the 44-year-old suspect grab at least one of the partygoers into the hallway of a neighbouring house where he stabbed him repeatedly.

Friends of this victim made desperate attempts to enter the hallway to try to save the teenager's life.

Sources believe it is an "miracle" that nobody lost their lives during the bloody assault which resulted in five people hospitalised with knife wounds.


The suspect for the attack was released without charge late last night after being questioned for almost 12 hours.

His release from garda custody comes as new shocking details about the Tallaght barbecue bloodbath emerged.

The suspect lay in wait outside a house party in Deerpark Avenue in Tallaght shortly after 4am on Sunday when the stabbing frenzy began as the revellers left the 18th birthday party.

As the situation spiralled out of control, the suspect is alleged to have then targeted other partygoers in the car park of the housing complex.

Gardai are investigating allegations that the suspect kicked two of the victims in the head when they fell to the ground after being stabbed.

"He went absolutely ballistic -- it is a miracle that no one was killed," said a source. It is understood that the suspect was finally overpowered by partygoers before gardai arrived at the scene.

It has emerged that there had been an "ongoing issue" between the suspect and the Tonner family in whose house the 18th birthday party was taking place.

Gardai had been called to the area several times this year to deal with public order complaints and sources said that the suspect had "a major ongoing problem" with noise levels in the house.

There were ten people in the property in the early hours of Sunday morning celebrating Jamie Tonner's (pictured) 18th birthday when the horror unfolded.

Sources say that Jamie's parents Deirdre and James had requested that the teenagers "should keep the noise down" from midnight because they were concerned about the suspect's reaction.

During the incident Jamie and his dad, James (45) and three of Jamie's friends -- Kurtis Lennon (18), Lee Harte (17) and Stephen Keogh (18) -- were all stabbed in a frenzied attack.

One teenager who was at the party but was uninjured described the scene.


"There was so much blood everywhere -- it was like someone had a hose filled with blood and was spraying it everywhere," the young man revealed.

The alleged stabber was treated at St James' Hospital for head injuries after he was hit over the head with a cricket bat at the scene. He was arrested as soon as he was released from hospital at around 11.30am yesterday.

Most of thevictims are making a good recovery but one of the teenagers was transferred to intensive care at Tallaght Hospital when his condition deteriorated. It is understood that he was still bleeding heavily from a stomach injury.

Yesterday the Herald revealed that James Tonner, the dad of birthday boy Jamie, was a convicted drug dealer who has served two jail sentences. However Sunday night's activities had nothing to do with Mr Tonner's criminal past.