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Suspect device outside house

A controlled explosion has been carried out on an suspect device outside a house in Buncrana, Co Donegal.

Minor damage was caused to the front door of the premises by the blast.

A Defence Forces spokesman said nearby homes had been evacuated by gardai and a cordon put in place for public safety before the team arrived at 2.30pm.

"The team leader carried out a manual approach to examine the device in situ and the device was then rendered safe by means of a controlled explosion," he said.

"The scene was declared safe at 3.40pm and the team returned to base."

It is believed the device may have been left as part of a family feud.


The rights of two An Post contract workers were breached by the company's failure to offer them the same voluntary redundancy conditions it offered permanent employees, the High Court ruled yesterday.

An Post had told fixed-term contract workers Deirdre Wade and Finbarr Monaghan they were not entitled to avail of voluntary severance/early retirement schemes available to its permanent employees.

The Civil Public and Services Union lodged a complaint, which had been heard by a rights commissioner.


More than half the population claims to suffer from 'nomophobia' – the fear of being without a mobile phone, a study suggests.

Some 54pc of those surveyed said they worry about being out of mobile phone contact, with women 17pc more likely to suffer than men.

But only 50pc of people secure their devices with a password, the research found.