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Susan (53) tells of her desire to adopt a child

Singing star Susan Boyle has spoken of her desire to adopt a child, saying: "I want to give a youngster what I didn't have."

The 53-year-old, who shot to fame after appearing on the television show Britain's Got Talent, is said to have been considering the move for the last year.

Boyle, from Blackburn, West Lothian, believes taking on a child would be a "way of giving back for me".

One Sunday newspaper reported the singer as saying: "I have so much love to give. I want to adopt a child who doesn't have much, who I can really give something to. It's a way of giving back for me.

"I have been considering it for a year. I love children, I always have but I couldn't have them. I want to give a youngster what I didn't have.

"We'll have to see what social services say, but it would make me so happy."

She added: "I know I'm single and 50-odd. People don't think I'm serious when I say it, they have a giggle at me. Let's see."

Boyle, whose sixth album Hope is due out next month, is reported to have seen a relative care for foster children. While the singer said fostering would be "great", she added: "You have to give them back, and that's what I would hate. With adoption, you don't have that wrench."

The singing star revealed last year she has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, after years of believing she had suffered slight brain damage at birth.

The Britain's Got Talent contestant - who has gone on to huge success around the world - told of her relief at having a proper explanation for "emotional outbursts" and "acute anxiety" that have afflicted her throughout her life.

Boyle went on: "Doctors told my parents that I was starved of oxygen at birth and that this had caused me brain damage, leaving me with learning difficulties and a lower than average IQ.

"At school I was pushed aside as if I didn't matter, while the brighter pupils got all the attention. I was mocked and bullied.

"As a result, I spent my whole life in a bubble, felt inferior to others and had problems forming proper relationships."


Asperger's is a form of autism which typically means sufferers struggle with their emotions and have difficulty in social situations, often unable to pick up on non-verbal cues.

Boyle has had difficulty playing live dates in the past because of anxiety problems which she now believes are as a result of her condition.

She told Hello! magazine: "Now that I know the correct reason why, I understand myself better and can move on. It feels as if an enormous weight has been lifted.

"The message that I hope my revelation will give others is, if I can do it, so can you. No matter what your condition, you can do whatever you want" she said.