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Surrogate wants baby girl back as dad in abuse fear

A surrogate mother left with a Down syndrome baby who was abandoned by his Australian biological parents has said she would be happy to have the baby's healthy twin returned, especially because of concern over reports the father is a convicted sex offender.

Pattaramon Chanbua, a 21-year-old food vendor who has two young children of her own, has been bringing up baby boy Gammy as her own since he was born in December.

She said the father rejected Gammy, while taking his healthy twin sister home to Western Australia state.

Australia's Nine Network television reported that the father was a convicted paedophile.


The case has caused intense public interest in Thailand and Australia, and Pattaramon made her views known at a news conference.

While she had previously said she was happy to have the twin girl stay with the Australian parents, the reports about the father's past have raised doubts in her mind.

"Personally, when I heard the news I was shocked but I can't say anything much right now," she said, adding that she would "leave it to the law".

The process appeared to have been carried out legally under contract in Thailand and Western Australia, though other states in Australia do not allow it.

Surrogacy involves a woman carrying the implanted embryo, or fertilised egg, of another woman in her womb in order to give birth.

Legal doctrine on the rights of all parties involved is inconsistent and still evolving, especially when different nationalities are involved.

Countries such as India, Ukraine and Thailand have fairly lenient regulations.

Pattaramon expressed attachment to the child, saying: "I want her back because she is my baby. She was in my womb."

However, she said she was inclined to leave the resolution of the issue up to "fate".

"If she is happy, then I, as a mother, am also happy. I don't want to bring her back to suffer or anything" she said.

"But if she really cannot go on living there, then I'm very happy to have her back in my arms." She said she will never hand seven-month-old Gammy, over to the Australian couple.

He was born with a congenital heart condition as well as Down syndrome.

Gammy's biological father has denied intentionally abandoning his son in Thailand, saying he did not know that his daughter had a twin.

Pattaramon has also said she did not receive the full payment she was promised.