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'Sure it was all on national TV' - Dermot insists he's squeaky clean on 'bath-gate'


Dermot Bannon

Dermot Bannon

Dermot Bannon

RTÉ architect Dermot Bannon has said that he "wasn't trying to hide anything" when it came to his quirky outdoor bath-tub which featured strongly in his home renovation project.

The special two-part edition of Room to Improve saw him gleefully jumping into the garden bath with Diarmuid Gavin when he concluded his €600,000 extension to his Drumcondra home.

It later transpired that he didn't have planning permission for some outdoor structures where the tub is and an application for retention was lodged last January with Dublin City Council.

A neighbour subsequently objected to the application to keep the covered external space, covering 20.2sq m as well as two storage sheds, for "not being in keeping with the character of the area".

Speaking about the issue, Bannon said that it was a straight-forward planning application.

"The council was around and I wasn't trying to hide anything - it was all on national television," he said.

"Basically, there was a grey area and planners didn't know if it was exempted or not.

"So the easiest way to regularise it was to make a planning application - so I did.

"But then my application went in and all the stories come out.

"I couldn't say anything as it was sitting on a planner's desk.


"I wanted to talk about it but I couldn't and then it was all 'Bannon's in Hot Water'. I was in Canada at the time, filming the first episode of Incredible Homes and I was kind of laughing about it.

"It's all sorted now, we got our planning through."

Bannon has returned to the small screens with a new series of Dermot Bannon's Incredible Homes which debuted last night with a show set in Canada.


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