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Support Irish? Nah, Wallace reads the UK newspapers

IT'S no surprise lawbreaker TD Mick Wallace doesn't want to read Irish newspapers. After all, they might remind him of what's going on here. Oh, and the fact that he's a tax dodger.

No, Mick fancies himself as a high-brow politician and spends his money on the British Guardian and Financial Times.

Perhaps it was Socialist TD pal, Clare Daly, who introduced the vineyard-owning builder to the left leaning UK press.

Or perhaps it's the pink hue of the Financial Times that grabs the attention of the usually pink Polo shirt wearing TD.

Anyhow, the Guardian's headline about "five more years of economic misery" might resonate with the wayward TD.

After all, the rest of us have to pay our penal taxes to get out of the mess caused by bankers and tax-evading developers like Mick.

Wallace still blatantly refuses to answer simple questions about his tax affairs.

Wallace also faces the prospect of a Dail censure but clearly has an avid interest in affairs across the water.

He does also have a vineyard in Italy, so perhaps he's keeping an eye on international markets with his Financial Times.

The TD was pictured at a rally outside Leinster House where he appeared to be snubbed by other deputies.

It didn't stop shameless Mick from trying to appear in photos at the event.