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Support for 931 abuse victims

SOME 931 adult survivors of child sexual abuse attended a leading support organisation last year, figures reveal.

One in Four said demand for its services remains high, with 182 attending for counselling and 749 for help in dealing with authorities.

Maeve Lewis, executive director, said it is the responsibility of all adults to report suspected child sexual abuse.

She said: "This is a positive time for child protection, with a Government committed to finally putting in place robust child protection measures."

Teen slashed classmate's arm

A TEENAGER who slashed a fellow pupil's arm with a knife has been offered a crime diversion plan which could see him being spared a criminal record.

The defendant, a 17-year-old boy, had pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to assault causing harm to his former teenage class-mate, at a south Dublin secondary school in May last year.

The teenager agreed to take part in an "action plan" which includes him writing a letter of apology, doing voluntary work and making a donation to charity.

Judge Leonard remanded him on bail until March.

Indian train crash kills 10

A PASSENGER train travelling through India has collided with another which had stopped, killing 10 people and injuring dozens more.

Shalendra Babu, a senior police official, said five carriages derailed in the accident, about 50 miles south west of Chennai.

By today, the death toll stood at 10, police official KM Babu said. Another 52 people were injured, he added.

Axeman kills four people

A MAN with an axe has attacked children and parents walking on a city street in central China, killing four people and wounding two, a local official said.

Villagers have identified the perpetrator of the attack as a local farmer with a history of mental illness.

The official said one young girl was among those killed while another was seriously wounded when the alleged assailant, Wang Hongbin, began attacking people in Gongyi's Shecun township this morning.