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Supergran scoops €5m Lotto win at lucky estate

A GRANDMOTHER who scooped €5m on the Lotto is the second person on her housing estate to win the jackpot.

Lily Gallagher was in hiding today after her massive win was uncovered by her friends.

Her daughter Melissa said: "She just in deep shock, it's a big shock to her."

It also emerged that Lily is the second Lotto winner on her street in the Moneymore estate in Drogheda, Co Louth.

In 2004, a jackpot of €1.35m was won by former neighbours Lisa Sullivan and David Kevitt. They have remained in touch with their Moneymore friends.

"We are gonna call it Moremoney not Moneymore," Melissa and her cousin Alison joked.

Lily's only son Anthony, emigrated to Australia for work earlier this year and Lily is now planning to travel Down Under.

"When he left we were heart-broken, we cried for three days," said Melissa.

She was thrilled for her mother and spoke about what a great granny she was and how much she deserved to win.


"I always prayed at night, because I never could afford to buy her a good present, that someday she would get to be the queen she deserves and she will now.

"She doesn't drive, she walks everywhere and gets the town bus... she is still in shock."

Lily was with her sister, who is Alison's mother, when the Lotto draw was taking place but because she always did the same numbers -- family birthday and anniversary dates -- her family realised she could have a few of the winning number.

When Lily went home and checked her ticket, she rang Melissa, who lives down the road from her, to come up and check the numbers as well. Then they had a family celebration.

Lily went to her regular Sunday morning Mass yesterday but when another Mass-goer said to her that she had won the Lotto she realised that her anonymity was blown and she left to stay with her daughter.

When the fuss dies down it is expected that Lily will buy her house.

"She is so deserving to win. She is a great grandmother to her three grandchildren and also looks after her brother... she is just deeply shocked," Melissa added.

The ticket was sold at Drogheda newsagents Madame Le Worthy on Shop Street last Thursday.