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Sunshine set to make a comeback, say forecasters

DON'T pack away the barbecue just yet – we haven't seen the last of the mild weather.

Met Eireann is predicting that the sunshine will be back over the coming week.

Forecaster John Eagleton said that today would be cloudy with a few showers, but it will be generally dry, with temperatures of 19 to 20C.

"A late summer's day is how I would characterise it," he said.

"Sunday won't be quite as nice a day. It will be windier for a start, and it will be a bit cooler by about two degrees.

"There will be a few more showers around, particularly in the west and the north of the country," he added.

"There mightn't be too many on the east coast, but it will definitely be cooler and windier."

But there is a shift towards more autumnal weather.

Temperatures will be 17 or 18C but they will be between 14 and 16C in the north of the country, he told the Herald.

"Monday and Tuesday look similar to Sunday. It will be fairly breezy, a little bit autumnal, with a couple of showers at times," Mr Eagleton said.

"The signs are it will get a little bit warmer again in the middle of next week."

Temperatures will still be pretty good and well up to average ones, even on Sunday.