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Sunny outlook for Audrey as she chooses a wedding party at home over early nights in Italy

RTE weather presenter Audrey McGrath has opted for an Irish wedding so she can put her personal stamp on her big day.

The RTE weather woman announced her engagement to long-term boyfriend Kevin O'Connor last December.

The pair had flirted with the idea of tying the knot in Italy.

A host of Irish celebrities have jetted out to the romantic country for their nuptials.

Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams had their ceremony in Florence in 2012 and Xpose host Karen Koster and former Off The Rails anchor Caroline Morahan also wed their other halves in Italy.

But it seems that staying close to home has its charms as well.

Lough Rinn Castle in Co Leitrim is the venue that Audrey and Kevin have ultimately chosen.


That's despite previously taking a scouting trip to Italy.

"It didn't really knit together the way we wanted it to knit together," Audrey revealed.

"One of the major factors is that over in Italy, as part of their culture I suppose, they tend to curb it all at midnight whereas I really wanted to be able to have a party," she told the Diary.

"Also I want to be able to organise it and I want to be able to put my personal stamp on it," she added.

"It's your special day and you want it to have all of the trappings of 'Audrey and Kevin'," she said.

"You want it to have all of those extra bits that you kind of say you know whose wedding this is so that was another big reason," she continued.

Wow moment

Despite having gone shopping for a dress more than once, the presenter has yet to have that wow moment that brides-to-be feel when they step into their dress.

"I'm still waiting for that moment, I haven't had it yet," she admitted.

"You know the way brides try on the dress and they know it's the one? That hasn't happened to me yet but I'm still staying hopeful.

"I'm hoping that's going to change, all it takes is one.

"You try one dress on and boom that's it."

With just over six months to go, the 34-year-old said that she has no idea what type of bridal look she was going for.

But if bridal gowns continue to fail to grab her attention it won't faze her she said, she will just have to have one made for her.