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Sun swept faith still has chores

Spare a thought for model Faith Barnett, who's currently away soaking up the rays in Spain this week.

The Andrea Roche model posted some envy-making pics of her soaking up the sunshine and showing off her svelte figure while also indulging in some more mundane chores like 
supermarket shopping.

She's one of a number of our best-known models who have fled these gloomy shores for the sunny delights of Spain in recent weeks, such as Holly Carpenter and Michele McGrath. Faith, who regularly appears on Ireland AM, recently helped fellow model mum Pippa O'Connor in celebrating her 30th birthday with a fun-filled bash in House on Leeson Street, as did Faith's agent Andrea Roche.

One of Ireland's most familiar faces, she has been modelling since she was 16 and didn't let having her first child Tristan when she was in her late teens stop her in her leggy stride.

Speaking about being a working mum, she said: "I was pretty lucky, I didn't gain too much weight; on both pregnancies I was pretty neat. Because I was so young, my body just snapped back into shape pretty quickly. Age was on my side, I think."