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Sun fans told to lay off 'binge tanning'

Sun worshippers are being warned about the dangers of "binge tanning" during the current bout of good weather.

Mike Malone, managing director of the Mole Screening Clinic in Dublin, said that when there's a good burst of sunshine in Ireland "people risk skin damage by exposing themselves to long periods in the sun, without proper protection from harmful UV rays".

He said that people going abroad for sunshine holidays also practice binge tanning -- cramming dangerous intensive sun-tanning into a week or a fortnight break.

Met Eireann is predicting that the coming weekend looks "mainly dry with a mix of cloud and sunny spells".

A spokeswoman said: "We have had wall to wall sunshine for the last few days with temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees celcius, highest in the north west. But it will get cooler for Friday and the weekend."

The Irish Cancer Society has also urged everyone to enjoy the sun but to protect themselves, and especially children and babies, from the sun's rays.