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Sums must add up for the 'No' side

THE Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore has criticised the No side in the fiscal treaty vote for advocating "lunatic economics".

His remarks came after one No group, People Before Profit, claimed higher taxes and a wealth charge could raise €10bn, which could replace any EU funds that might be cut off if the Treaty is rejected.

However, the group's TD Richard Boyd Barrett did not offer specifics on how the €10bn figure was arrived at. The plan for a wealth tax could generate "between €5bn and €10bn" -- two widely differing figures.

The Government, for its part, is adamant that a Yes vote is needed on May 31 to ensure continued access to funds from the European Stability Mechanism.

If the No side wants to make an impact they need to argue with concrete figures and real economics. Otherwise, they will fail to convince a worried, if not somewhat confused, electorate.