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Summer on hold as rain, wind return

SUMMER has never seemed further away as we prepare for a week of wind and rain.

If our calendars are to be believed it should be getting warmer -- but forecasters say that there is no chance just yet.

Umbrellas and scarves are to remain in fashion for at least another week.

Having been given false hope at the start of the month with two weeks of pure sunshine, the Irish weather has returned to its usual misery.

Showers littered the weekend and rained on any plans for beaches and picnics.

And worse still, there seems to be no sign of that changing any time soon.

Asked whether we'd see any sign of summer soon, forecaster for Met Eireann, Gerry Murphy, told the Herald today: "Definitely not. This week won't be dry, and it will be cold.

"Top temperatures will be 9 to 11 degrees, at best. Winds are going to continue coming from the north as they have been.

"Basically, it's going to continue fairly cold."


Heavy and persistent rain will spread eastwards across the country tonight and then gradually clear overnight with blustery showers following. Lowest temperatures will be between 4 and 6 degrees.

The weather will continue cool and unsettled next weekend with further spells of rain.

And there'll be a touch of grass frost in places on some nights throughout the week.

But Mr Murphy was reluctant to predict if visitors would catch a glimpse of any sunshine at all in Ireland in the coming months.

"You can't really predict months ahead," he said.

"Anyone who does has no real accuracy. You can only forecast for the next 10 days."

Unfortunately, the 10-day forecast seems to indicate that the weather will remain bleak and miserable leading into May.

Rainy spells are set to continue, with touches of grass frost expected in parts overnight.