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Sub-sea cable challenged

A CHALLENGE to the ministerial go-ahead for an under-sea fibre-optic telecom cable between Dublin and Wales is to be fast-tracked by the Commercial Court.

Sea Fibre Networks has brought the case against the Minister for the Environment over the granting to Emerald Bridge Fibres of a licence for the sub-sea telecom cable from Portmarnock to Port Dafarach in Wales.

SFN owns and operates a separate sub-sea fibre-optic cable that runs from Bull Island in Dublin to Port Dafarach, under a foreshore licence issued in 2011.

Ms Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan agreed yesterday to fast-track the case in the Commercial Court.

Internet abuse cases double

Convictions for internet abuse have more than doubled in the UK in five years.

The number of people found guilty under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 has grown each year from 498 in 2007 to 1,286 in 2011.

They were found guilty of "sending or causing sending of grossly offensive/ indecent/ obscene/ menacing or false message/ matter by electronic communications network".

Boy (10) shot dead in cinema

Prosecutors in Mexico City were searching a multiplex theatre after a boy (10) was shot dead.

The city prosecutors' office says the boy's father heard a whistling sound, then noticed his son slumped over and convulsing in the next seat.

Neither the staff nor the father immediately appeared to realise the boy had been shot in the head.

'Policeman kills five colleagues'

A police officer in Honduras has allegedly killed five fellow officers in a confused incident at a police station in La Ceiba.

Assistant police commissioner Kelsin Arteaga said there appeared to have been some sort of dispute between the officers.

Honduras's police force is plagued by corruption, while the Central American nation struggles with drug trafficking and a homicide rate of about 91 per 100,000, the highest in the world.