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Stynes' parents take Oz oath

Jim Stynes' parents Brian and Teresa have celebrated Australia Day in convincing fashion by claiming their Australian citizenship in a relaxed beachside ceremony in Elwood, Melbourne.

Jim, pictured right, and his family watched on proudly and sang the anthem as his parents took the oath. The pair had been travelling between Ireland and Australia since Jim moved to Melbourne to pursue his AFL career in 1987.

It has been a difficult year for the former AFL footballer, who was diagnosed with cancer in June.

"We're all very proud," Jim said. "It's a surprise to think that 25 years ago, when I left, that these two would be taking up citizenship.

"All these things are great ... It's moments on the journey." Stynes said his treatment for cancerous growths in his back and brain tumours had been difficult.

"It's like most people dealing with cancer, it's a bit up and down and you don't know what to expect next," he said

Stynes has been keeping his supporters updated on his cancer battle via Twitter. In his latest tweet, on January 12, he wrote: "Its been tough since xmas. immune system must b down, had tests-all good. "Sleeping alot, took family to Mexico +LA, back soon."