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Style is all in the jeans... and TV's Brendan found me a perfect pair

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be one of life's great fashion conundrums.

But stylist Brendan Courtney came to the rescue for Dublin women at the weekend by offering his expert advice on the perfect fitting denims.

Brendan and his fashion conscious team hosted a free fitting service in Dublin's Jervis Shopping Centre -- and I went along to hear the dos and don'ts of jeans.

"Avoid white at all costs, they're very passe," was Brendan's first tip.

The Dubliner also recommended to steer clear of the bootcut - instead insisting that a wider leg balances the hip.

It was all about how to rock a flare or what to wear with a skinny-cut at the Jenius-Jeans station, where appointments were full up to meet the Off The Rails host.

After trying on various colours, lengths and sizes, we discovered that a decent fit for a taller girl is the 'super skinny' cut:

"They're very flattering -- the key is to play around with proportions and find that balance."

"These would look great in red or royal blue too, which would be fun."

Brendan also found me a navy, slightly high-waisted jean -- and it worked a treat.

"These are only slightly high-waisted and they don't slice the torso. As they're a darker, indigo shade, the eye is drawn into their length instead -- they're bang on trend too," he told the Herald.

"High-waisted can be tricky to wear -- they look can disproportionate if your leg is to long. However, if you balance them out with a billowy blouse tucked in, they can work well."

Running until September 10, up to 35 appointments have been booked in per day, with dozens of keen shoppers looking for advice.

Kilmainham girl Leanne Ryan (26), was delighted for her assessment.

"It was excellent, I really found it helpful -- I learned that even your posture can affect how your clothes look on you.

"We found that flared types don't really suit my body shape."

Working alongside Brendan is 1st Option's Trish Fallon.

"Personally, the better fit the jeans, the better I feel -- so we're trying to inform others that they can look smaller, leaner, sexier in their perfect pair," said the model agent.

To complete the Fashion Movement project at the centre, Brendan is also leading the way with regular fashion shows throughout the day, with the hottest trends from Forever 21, New Look and Topshop taking to the catwalk.

Those who missed out can find the Jervis Shopping Centre's fashion ambassador at the Style Station next Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 5pm.