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'Stupid' Irishman gets stuck in roof of Sydney nightclub

An Irishman living in Australia has been dubbed "remarkably stupid" by a judge after he became stuck in a roof while trying to sneak back into a Sydney nightclub.

Emergency services had to rescue Hugh McMahon (18) after he became stuck in the roof space of the Sin City nightclub just before 1am last night. The 18-year-old is in Sydney on a one-year visa.

"Drunk or sober it is a remarkably stupid thing you've done," magistrate Ron Kilner told McMahon in his sentencing.

McMahon appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court this morning where he pleaded guilty to four charges including trespassing, wilful damage and two counts of being refused entry into a licensed premises.

He was fined $900 and ordered to pay $1,700 towards the repairs to the club's roof and a non-essential call-out of the emergency services. No conviction was recorded.

The court heard that McMahon was first escorted from the premises by security guards when they found him sleeping on the couch.


Security guards later ejected him after they found him on the dance floor after he managed to sneak in again.

The court heard McMahon proceeded to break into the roof space through a sliding door at apartments close by.

He damaged the door's lock in his failed entry bid and then became entangled in wires and stuck among the pipes.

Emergency services were called to the club when a man could be heard screaming for help.