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Stunning Eva leads poll of eye-catching billboard ads

Eva Herzigova's traffic-stopping Wonderbra billboards have been declared the most eye-catching ads in the past few decades.

The 'Hello Boys' campaign -- featuring a huge photo of the Czech model's cleavage -- caused a sensation when it was first unveiled in 1994.

Now it has won a public vote as the favourite 'iconic' advertising image in a poll -- of more than 10,000 votes -- by the Outdoor Media Centre, the trade body for outdoor advertising.

The Herzigova posters propelled her to stardom around the world.

The huge images were also said to have caused a number of accidents after drivers became distracted by the shots of the model in her underwear.

Other ads in the top 10 included Apple's Think Different campaign (2003) and Beanz Meanz Heinz (1966).