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Study has some merit

It's hard to know who comes out of this study worse, men or women.

We women come across as heartless creatures -- only happy when are menfolk are upset.

Men are portrayed as cold creatures from whom any display of emotion -- is better than no display at all.

Most people, if they're honest though, will recognise some truth in the study. Isn't it, afterall, an elaboration of the age-old complaint -- by both sexes -- that women want to talk every issue to death, while men believe that least said soonest mended is the path to peace?

Most women in a relationship probably know the question their other half hates most is 'how do you feel?'

That's why this study makes some sense. It's not saying that we are happy to see our men upset.

It's just saying we're happy we can see he's emotionally engaged enough to care and to react when he is upset. See, if he'd only talk about his feelings in the first place, that wouldn't happen.

- Claire Grady