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Students quizzed over Trinity ski trip chaos

FORMER pupils at some of Dublin's most exclusive schools are being investigated by Trinity College authorities after wreaking havoc in an exclusive Alpine ski resort.

Members of the group of 25 to 30 students, several of whom are former students of Blackrock College, CBC Monkstown and Mount Anville, gatecrashed Trinity's Snowsports Club's official ski trip to France, which had to be cut short when the troublemakers were reported for painting swastikas on hotel property.

Both those on the official Dublin University Snow Sports Club (DUSSC), none of whom were involved in the controversy, and the other group were kicked out of the hotel.

The Herald understands that the French police were called to the Les Deux Alpes hotel at least twice, and one girl has come forward reporting that a young man masturbated in front of her.

The young woman, who did not want to be named, revealed to Trinity's University Times that four male students, who were separate to the official college ski trip, broke into her bedroom where one of them performed the lewd act as his three pals jeered him on. The 20-year-old third-year student said: "Four of them came into my room while I was asleep, woke me up by picking me up and throwing me down on the bed, generally being rough. One of them masturbated at me. They left me in tears."

And she added that the DUSSC have been "so sound" regarding the complaint.


The Junior Dean of the college is now conducting an investigation into "a series of alleged incidents which took place at Les Deux Alpes resort in which members of the DUSSC were staying, as well as other Trinity students, independent of the DUSSC trip, and other Irish students.

The college trip was scheduled to last from January 8 to 15, but was cut short when it was discovered that some students had sprayed swastikas on one of the floors of the hotel.

The controversial trip hit the headlines earlier this week, when a video of two students emerged with them taking part in a "spend off", in a bid to see who could waste the most money.

Some of their strategies included burning €50 notes, using a €20 note as cigarette paper, throwing their Black-Berry phones into a river and down a mountain, as well as paying a hotel employee a €50 fee to fasten a pair of ski boots. When a resort security guard approached one of the individuals to inform him of a €2,000 fine relating to damages, onlookers report that the individual took a €50 note out of his wallet, saying "I eat this sh*t for breakfast" and then began chewing the money.