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Students plan to spend weekend off relaxing and revising after maths


Shauna Murphy was happy with ordinary level maths

Shauna Murphy was happy with ordinary level maths

Confident Sean Walsh

Confident Sean Walsh


Shauna Murphy was happy with ordinary level maths

Exam students at Donabate Community College have mixed plans for the weekend - with some planning to stick their heads in the books and others taking some well-earned relaxation.

Maths paper one was the subject of the day for both Junior and Leaving Cert students.

The school's "student of the year", Rebecca Nolan (18), said she was happy with her Leaving Cert honours paper.

"I think it went well, I hope it did," she said."It was better than the example papers."

Ms Nolan, who wants to study science in DCU next year, will spend her weekend studying for the forthcoming exams.

Her classmate Anna Halpin (18) was also reasonably happy with the honours level paper.

"It was better than the mocks. The last three questions were doable. It was good," she said.


Sean Walsh (18) was very confident following the exam, though he said maths was not a subject which he had spent a huge amount of time studying for.

"It wasn't that bad, it wasn't as difficult as the previous years I thought," he said.

His strongest areas were functions and complex numbers, both of which he was happy with.

Mr Walsh had also planned to take a break for the weekend. "I'm going to be watching the football," he said.

Shauna Murphy (18) sat the ordinary level. "I was very happy with it. There were questions on complex numbers and the USC," she said.

Ms Murphy said she didn't mind the rainy weather outside while the exams were going on.

Aspiring actor and Junior Cert student Julian Nolan (15) said that he found the ordinary-level maths paper tough.

"I thought it was very hard. There was a lot of algebra and a lot of guessing. I had geography earlier in the day and I felt I did very well on that," he said.

He added that he would be spending the weekend studying.


Fellow junior student Craig Somerville (15) said that in general he thought that the exams this year had been harder than they were in the past.

Junior cycle maths teacher Marita Byly said that her students found the exams okay.

"The feedback from students is that they felt it was fair," she said.

"Up to question eight it seemed fair and I think it was okay."

Many of the senior students said that they wanted to go on to study science following the exams and school principal Anthony Creevey said that it was a focus of the school.

"We also try to promote women in science and we would have a lot going into DCU," he said.