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Student wins €1,000 Seal of Approval for dare

A DUBLIN teen who brightened up commuters' faces amid all the gloom has won €1,000 for his daring humour.

College student Kev Ryan (19) from Stillorgan, Dublin now plans to use the money to pay off some of his loans.

The daring young man, who rode the Luas wearing nothing but a woman's thong, said he was delighted to amuse his friends and passengers who all took it in good spirits.

The teenager rose to the challenge to make his school friends laugh on their last day of secondary school, and has been given the inaugural Seal of Approval award by the Herald and 98FM.

"My friend Phil saw the competition and he knew that I was a bit stuck for cash because I had to pay a good bit for repeats in college. I'll have to give him a bit of it now," said Kev.

"I just thought it was a bit of a laugh. It was the last day of school in sixth year, and we all put a few dares into a hat, and I was unfortunate enough to pick out the Luas ride.

"Everyone on the Luas was laughing away and they all took it in good humour.

"I was delighted when I found out I'd won. My parents are happy about it as well. I can do a fair bit with €1,000 at 19."

Kev won November's title ahead of three other finalists, who were deemed to be Dublin's alternative heroes who've done their bit to lighten the mood in the recession.

Herald readers and 98FM listeners voted for the winner.

Dublin Bus driver Mark Devereux wore an adult baby grow for a whole shift on the 16A, while Audrey Waugh won great reaction when she made a full sandwich with her feet, and Ambrose O'Shea christened his house Diamondville because he's a devoted fan of Neil Diamond.

Nominations for December's Seal of Approval Awards can be sent in by filling out entry forms in the Herald, or by logging on to 98FM.com.