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Student union tricked into running fake Harris night

A STUDENT Union has found itself in hot water after they were conned into organising a concert by a college student claiming to be an entertainment promoter.

The student claimed that he had links to top DJ Calvin Harris and could organise the event with Ticketmaster already pencilled in to distribute the tickets.

Sources said that the student union may have paid out a hefty deposit before realising that the concert was never going to go ahead.

Carlow IT's students union were taken in by the scam and the concert was due to take place last Thursday night in the Foundry nightclub in Carlow.

The student union would not confirm or deny that they had handed over any money to the phoney music promoter and told the Herald that they were seeking legal advice.


The student union president did not wish to make a comment, claiming that "from our point of view the situation is not for media attention".

A source from the student body confirmed how the student's union had been duped by the man who may be the subject of legal action

"He told us he had links with Calvin and could organise the event," the source said.

"We were led to believe that this guy was some kind of entertainment promoter. He went on to say that Ticketmaster were on board but when we contacted them, they knew nothing about the concert."

Eugene McGovern, managing director of the Dinn Ri Hotel in Carlow, confirmed that they had been asked to host the concert but no money had changed hands.

A poster was put on the venue's website confirming that the student's union had organised the Calvin Harris for March 4 and that the admission fee would be €20.

"We were approached by the student union to see if the venue would be available for a concert on that date but the concert was never confirmed," he said.

"We were contacted by representatives of Mr Harris and passed on what information we had and they told us that they were considering legal action.

"The student union approached us six to eight weeks before the concert was due to take place. But as the date drew closer we rang Ticketmaster, whom we were told were selling tickets for the gig, and they were completely unaware of it.

"As far as I know the student union was approached by a man claiming that he was running the event and who could represent Mr Harris, this was not the case."

According to Calvin Harris's Twitter page he was in London last Thursday, enjoying a concert by fellow Scottish act Errors, blissfully unaware of the controversy that was developing in Carlow.

He had just returned home to London from a series of concerts in Los Angeles and San Diego.