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Strung-out Breaking Bad fans get Saul fix

The moment Breaking Bad fans have been waiting for is almost here: Saul Goodman is returning, along with some other familiar faces from Vince Gilligan's pitch-black meth drama.

The first two hour-long episodes of Better Call Saul, which sees Bob Odenkirk reprise his role as the crooked lawyer, air in the US on February 8 and 9, and in Ireland on Netflix from 7am on February 9 and 10, followed by one a week every Tuesday.

Stars from Breaking Bad and the new show arrived at the Regal Cinema for its LA premiere.


The show begins before Saul was Saul: his name is Jimmy McGill, and he's a failing lawyer yet to turn to criminal pastimes.

The Telegraph's Chris Harvey gave the first episodes a five-star review, praising the second episode in particular as "so gripping, so startling - unloading surprises at every turn - that Better Call Saul doesn't just look unmissable, it looks like the new Breaking Bad." But what did the other critics think?

The first two episodes of Netflix's original series will stream exclusively on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 Febryuary followed by one a week every Tuesday at 7am Irish time.