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'Stroke of luck' that children didn't witness triple shooting

HUNDREDS of children could have witnessed the horror triple shooting in Corduff Park – had it not been for a charity walk.

Every game in every football league in the city was postponed as thousands of children travelled to the city centre to take part in John Giles’ Walk of Dreams fundraising event.

Corduff Park in Blanchardstown would normally be packed with hundreds of children from the Corduff Football Club.

Club PRO John McGuinness said all matches were postponed and training sessions curtailed to let members take part in the fundraising event.

An under-14 team did have a scheduled training session yesterday morning and Mr McGuinness described the fact that none of the children witnessed the attack as a “stroke of luck”.

“Any other Sunday there would have been 350 kids down here. We’re here from 9am to 2pm and the place is packed,” he said.

“As it was, my own under-14s were training here. We meet at 11am up at the sports centre and then go on to the pitch so, if this had happened 15 minutes later, the kids would have been out there. We’re just grateful none of them were affected.”

He said that the young children were not upset by the incident because of the violence which has taken over the city.

“They weren’t shocked at all,” he said. “They’re aware that this sort of thing is normal, unfortunately.”