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Stripping off at the beach is a nightmare for women

Sun, sand and stress is becoming the theme for thousands of holidays with women petrified at the prospect of stripping off.

Almost 75pc dread the thought of wearing swim-wear in public while four in 10 feel unable to even set foot on a beach, according to an online survey.

The holiday nightmares can begin as soon as women set foot on the plane, with 21pc saying they dread fitting into tight airline seats, the research for Slimming World weight loss group said.

Dr Jacquie Lavin, of Slimming World, said: "Most women worry about their bodies sometimes and there's nothing like the thought of stripping off on a crowded beach to bring those anxieties to the forefront."


In the survey of more than 3,300 women, more than 73pc of women said wearing a swimming costume was their most feared summertime pursuit.

In second place, 62pc of women said they dreaded wearing other types of revealing clothes when the sun comes out.

Slimming World said losing weight in the summer helps boost confidence.

Dr Lavin advised: "Starting to shed unwanted pounds before heading off on holiday is great for self-esteem."