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Stripper row restaurant gives cash to breast cancer charity

The restaurant that was the scene of a controversial strip show in Dublin has donated money to a breast cancer charity.

Strippers performed completely naked at Zao at Omni Park Shopping Centre on Saturday November 29, much to the surprise and disgust of some patrons at the restaurant.

Proprietor Tony Connolly has now given €1,000 to the Royal College of Surgeons breast cancer research following the incident.


A private party of footballers, regular clients of Zao, hired the women as part of the show, but Mr Connolly said that completely naked strip shows were not allowed in the restaurant.

"There is a restriction on this type of thing happening again," Mr Connolly confirmed. "There will be no performances without the consent of management.

"We could have about two or three performances in our restaurant a year, but I have never seen anything as extreme as this before," he added.

A disgusted customer who was in the restaurant at the time contacted a national radio station to complain about the strip which unfolded on the restaurant's balcony at about 10.30pm.

"It was extremely graphic," Nicola Hughes fumed. "She was shaking her do-das in his face and doing back flips, wrapping her legs around his face and gyrating. She hadn't got a strap of clothes on her."

Ms Hughes, who spent €650 at dinner that night, left after the second stripper arrived just after 12.30am.

But Mr Connolly said that they didn't feel the need to intervene in the show straight away. "No one complained at the time, everyone was up and laughing," he stated. "We had to move the show to the balcony for health and safety purposes."

But he added: "If I had known that she was going to strip completely naked, I wouldn't have let her into the restaurant."


The owner of Zao restaurant, which has been in business for four years, said that the staff removed another stripper who arrived later.

"She managed to get her clothes off before we removed her," he said. "We have to be very careful. We don't want any allegations of assault so at that stage we just knocked the lights off to get her out." Mr Connolly said that he donated to the charity to show that Zao is a good company and wanted some good to come out of it all.