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Strimmer shoots nail into man's eye


Nail in eye x-ray

Nail in eye x-ray

Nail in eye x-ray

A man escaped with barely a scratch after a three-inch nail flew into his eye when he accidentally hit it with a strimmer.

Doctors removed the nail, and eight weeks later the 27-year-old landscaper's vision had returned to normal.

But medics said that had the nail struck only a millimetre away, he would probably have suffered major damage.

Doctors removed the nail at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital.

"When you looked at him, all you saw was the back end of the nail," said neurosurgeon Dr Wael Asaad.

"It reached almost to the tip of the other eye and the brain. It was a very long nail."

As two colleagues stood by, a surgeon carefully pulled out the nail. No major bleeding occurred. They stopped sedating him and the patient was allowed to wake.

After a prescription for five days of preventive antibiotics, he was on his way.