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Strictly's big money in UK but not for RTE stars


Model Roz Purcell is tipped to star

Model Roz Purcell is tipped to star

Model Roz Purcell is tipped to star

Irish celebrities who sign up for RTE's new Dancing with the Stars show are set for a pay day - but they won't be cashing in like their counterparts on the BBC version.

Well-known faces who sign up for the British version of the show - Strictly Come Dancing - are paid a reported £25,000 (€29,000) for taking part and those who survive until the later stages can earn up to £100,000 (€116,000).

The winner walks away with big prize-money as well as the coveted glitterball trophy.

However, the Herald has learned that RTE will be paying the stars a fee - but it will be "significantly less" than the dancers across the water.

Sources close to the show have pointed out that the state broadcaster does not have access to the type of money that the BBC has.

"There will be a fee because celebs are giving up so much of their time, but we don't know what that will be yet because it's literally just gone into production," the source said.

The show comes with gruelling schedules for people to learn the foxtrot and the waltz.

"The figures will be significantly less than what they get in the UK but we will have to compensate the celebs for their time and effort.

"I would imagine it won't even nearly match the minimum UK fee. It has not yet been decided if the stars who are brought on board will be paid a flat fee or if there will be cash incentive to stay until the final stages.


"We wouldn't have the same budget as the UK," the source said.

A number of well-known faces have already been linked to the show, which is due to air in the new year.

Models Roz Purcell, Pippa O'Connor and footballer Bernard Brogan are all understood to be in RTE's sights for the show.

Former Jutice Minister Alan Shatter has also been suggested.

Many of those who have been suggested have said they would love to take part, even without details of payments.

In the UK the dance show diverts any revenue raised from the show to charity.

However, last night a spokeswoman for RTE said no decision had been made on whether the Irish version of the show will team up with a charity to raise money for a good cause.