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Street trees to be axed after death of mum

DUBLIN City Council is to prune or chop down over 100 trees in the Southside.

The move follows the death of mum Lynda Collins, who was killed when she was hit by a large section of a mature tree which snapped in near gale-force winds.

The council said its works will include pruning 61 trees, felling 44 trees and grounding out tree stumps across Dublin 2, 4 and 6.

The local authority said trees would be replaced in 21 of the 44 locations where trees were being felled.

Unsuitable locations, such as those close to property or roadsides, will not be replanted.

A report prepared for the council's South East Area Committee stated the work "is currently being tendered".

Five large mature horse chestnuts have already been removed from Military Road in Rathmines, the council added.

Ms Collins (45), the daughter of former Lord Mayor of Dublin Fergus O'Brien, was killed as she walked along Waterloo Road in Ballsbridge on February 3.

More than 50 passers-by were on the scene within seconds, trying to move the tree and comforting her.

Despite the frantic efforts, the devoted mum to Georgia (14), Robert (13) and Juliana (7) was pronounced dead at St Vincent's Hospital.