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Street traders braced for rise in council fees

STREET traders in the capital are facing stiffer operating charges.

Dublin City Council is reviewing its trading bye laws and the fees currently imposed on sellers.

It is also proposing to introduce licences for coffee docks at 10 new locations around the city.

Included in the list are Memorial Road at the AIB International Centre, Amien Street, at the entrance to the IFSC, Heuston Station and the junction of Mountjoy Square and Gardiner Street.

Among the other locations are the College Green traffic island, Sandymount Promenade and Clontarf Promenade.

The council has carried out a review of casual trading areas where goods such as flowers, books, paintings are sold.

Several issues have been highlighted.

One of the difficulties concerns the Grafton Street area, where businesses have continuously lodged objections against street traders.

The council revealed local businesses have now requested the zone be "de-designated" as a place for street traders. The area includes Anne Street South, Duke Street, Harry Street, Lemon Street and Wicklow Street.

Another issue concerns night-time trading.

These licences are issued for Thursday to Sunday between 11pm and 4am "for the sale of hot/cold food and non-alcoholic drinks".


"Currently, there are six casual trading licences for night-time trading -- at O'Connell Bridge, Lower Camden Street, College Green, Hatch Street Lower, Cuffe Street, the top of Grafton Street," the report stated.

The council is now proposing to add six more.

These would be at Dawson Street, Fleet Street, Leeson Street, Harcourt Street, Fade Street and the College Green traffic island. Other locations might include Ranelagh Triangle, Merchant's Arch, Newmarket Square and Clongriffen Square/Fr Collins Park.