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Strauss-Kahn's wife 'ready to leave him'

SHE stood by her man when he was accused of rape in New York, and supported him over allegations of sexual assault in France.

Anne Sinclair, however appears to be running out of patience with Dominique Strauss-Kahn (62) after claims that he was a client of a prostitution network that has come under criminal investigation.

Media reports now suggest that Ms Sinclair has decided to leave him. Quoting unnamed "friends", Le Figaro said that she was demanding that he pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars she spent on his defence.

It stated that Ms Sinclair (63) was tired of the endless "pathetic" disclosures about the man once tipped as the next President of France. However, other friends have been quoted as saying that a separation was unlikely amid concern that the former managing director of the IMF was suffering depression.

It is said that Strauss-Kahn has taken to biting his nails until his fingers bleed.