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Stranded skips now due to be collected

Families across Dublin stranded with skips at their homes are relieved to find their waste will now be cleared.

Customers of A1 Waste contacted the Herald earlier this week to highlight the fact that their rubbish skips were not being collected by the company.

But workers at A1 Waste said yesterday that Panda Waste Management Solutions will now be handling the uncollected skips, since A1 Waste has gone into liquidation.

A1 Waste was the largest firm in Dublin dealing in construction and demolition waste, and it also collected commercial and some household waste.

In 2003, the EPA granted Neiphin Trading, a company associated with A1 Waste, a waste licence to operate a landfill in Kerdiffstown near Naas, Co Kildare.

But last Friday the High Court granted an order sought by the Environmental Protection Agency preventing any further waste being accepted at the landfill.

The owner of A1 Waste, Tony Deane, said the injunction would mean the company would have to enter into insolvency proceedings with over 100 job losses and 50 contractors affected by the loss of their principal waste disposal agent.

One worker told the Herald: "Now we're at a loss of three weeks' wages, and we were told that we're not going to get them."

The Herald attempted to contact management of A1 Waste and Panda Waste Management Solutions, but both were unavailable.