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Stormy weather alert as first snowflakes forecast


A woman walks a dog through the ice and snow covered landscape

A woman walks a dog through the ice and snow covered landscape

A woman walks a dog through the ice and snow covered landscape

Havy rain is on the way this weekend with the possibility of the first wintry showers.

While the country is set to miss the icy blast predicted to hit the UK, the first snowflakes of the winter will fall here over the coming days.

Forecaster John Eagleton told the Herald that conditions will remain "fairly settled" until the weekend, but will then take a turn for the worse.

"Sunday is not going to be a nice day. It'll be cold and showery, particularly in the west and north-west, and some of those showers will be wintry," he said.

"It might leave a dusting of snow on the hills, but snow is not going to be a major factor as far as I can see for most (low-lying) places."

Warm and rainproof clothing will be needed for next week.

"In fact, potential storms are what would concern me next week, a bit like what we got last year.

"Frost and icy patches will linger tomorrow morning.

"Friday will be a fresher, brighter day, a bit windier than it has been. I think some showers in the west but fairly dry in the east. Saturday looks mostly good," Mr Eagleton said.

It may be too early to predict but bookmaker Paddy Power is offering odds of 7/2 for a white Christmas in Dublin this year.

Mr Eagleton said the chances remain slim at the moment.

"You would have to get the weather coming in from the north and the north-east and it is forecast to come in from over the Atlantic for next week anyway. That generally doesn't bring much snow to Ireland," he said.

"It can bring pretty cold, miserable weather and it can get quite damp. You can get a lot of frost at night - but you don't get those low freezing temperatures for the whole day when it comes in from that direction."

He said there is no sign of the kind of cold snap that gripped the country a few years ago on the horizon.