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Stormont likely to bust budget

The Northern Ireland Executive is set to bust its budget.

The head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service Malcolm McKibbin has warned that this year's spending limits will be breached if the funding crisis at the heart of the power-sharing administration is not resolved.

Executive ministers are wrestling with the requirement to make around £220m (€256m) of in-year reductions. A significant amount of that sum - £87m - is a penalty imposed by the UK Treasury for Stormont's failure to agree welfare reforms. Sinn Fein exercised its veto to stop changes to the welfare system.

Man loses arm in shark attack

A man had part of his arm torn off by a suspected great white shark while surfing off the coast of Western Australia.

The man was surfing at Wylie Bay in the town of Esperance on Western Australia's remote southern coast when he was attacked by what is believed to be a four-metre great white.

A fellow surfer managed to get the victim to shore where an off-duty ambulance officer gave him first aid while they waited for help to arrive. The victim lost one arm below the elbow and had extensive injuries on his other arm, likely from trying to fend off the shark.

15 killed in blast at factory

A blast at an explosives factory in north-west Bulgaria might have killed as many as 15 people, authorities say.

The explosion, which also left three people injured, occurred near the village of Gorni Lom, 75 miles north of the capital Sofia. Police said smaller explosions continued for several more hours. In two previous accidents at the site six people were injured.

Alzheimer's link to moods

Anxious, jealous, moody, distressed women are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease later in life than their calmer and less stressed-out counterparts, suggests a new study.

Women who scored highest on a test for neuroticism in mid-life were twice as likely to go on to develop Alzheimer's disease, compared to women with the lowest neuroticism scores, researchers found.