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Store wins bid to sell booze

A SHOP in Dublin's city centre has been granted a full drinks licence despite protests by Temple Bar Traders and a nearby grocery shop owner.

Barrister Constance Cassidy told the Circuit Civil Court that Charles McCarthy, trading as C&C Retail Ltd, which owns Spar at 19-20 Dame Street, had wanted a full drinks licence to help boost turnover.

He said the store had been met by opposition from Martin Harte, managing director of Temple Bar Traders and also from Enda Martin, owner of Centra Store , which is almost opposite the Spar shop.

Circuit Court President Mr Justice Matthew Deery granted the licence.

Barca accused

of 'arms plot'

Barcelona footballers don't just have a slick passing game, they can also secretly indicate arms smuggling routes to Syria, a pro-government Syrian TV channel has claimed.

Addounia TV baffled the world by superimposing a map of Syria on a screen to show how Lionel Messi and his team-mates, representing smugglers, had kicked a ball, representing a weapons shipment, into Syria from Lebanon.

Teen hunted for phone theft

A JUDGE has ordered the arrest of a youth who did not turn up for his trial after he was charged with stealing a woman's iPhone.

The 17-year-old boy had pleaded not guilty at the Children's Court to theft of the iPhone worth €400 at James Joyce Street, in Dublin city centre, on October 6 last year.

He had been due to face a hearing yesterday but did not turn up. Judge Bryan Smyth agreed to issue a bench warrant for the teen's arrest.

Gaffe exposes

tax records

A 36-year-old business consultant became Norway's best known taxpayer this week after the government accidentally displayed his records to everyone who logged on to its tax website.

Kenneth Belcovski's name is on every Norwegian taxpayer's lips this week after a glitch on the Norwegian government's tax website redirected people logging on to check their declarations to a page detailing Belcovski's tax details.