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Stolen books trial gets date

The trial of a man accused of handling 57 stolen books over seven years ago has been adjourned at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Andrew Shannon (50) faces a charge that he had the books in his possession at his home at William's Way, Ongar, knowing or being reckless as to whether they were stolen, on March 2, 2007.

The trial, which is expected to last four days, has been adjourned by Judge Martin Nolan to April 27, 2015.

MP sorry over disabled remark

BRITAIN'S Welfare Reform Minister Lord Freud has issued a "full and unreserved apology" after suggesting that some disabled people are "not worth" the minimum wage - but stopped short of resigning.

The Tory peer said he had been "foolish" in "accepting the premise" of a question posed to him during a fringe event at the Conservative Party conference last month.

"I would like to offer a full and unreserved apology," he said in a statement. "To be clear, all disabled people should be paid at least the minimum wage, without exception, and I accept that it is offensive to suggest anything else."

Specsavers win Logo legal row

Specsavers has won its legal battle over its wordless logo mark of two overlapping ovals.

Three judges allowed the opticians' appeal against an order made by the High Court in October 2010 that the mark be revoked.

It argued against a claim that the mark was not used.

There was ample evidence, it said, that the overlapping ovals in the Specsavers logo had an independent distinctive role.

Cow crowned world's tallest

A SIX-foot-four-inch cow owned by a US woman was recently dubbed the world's tallest.

Patty Hanson and Blosom the cow smiled for their official Guinness World Records photo shoot.

Hanson received an email in mid-August saying Blosom had been named the world's tallest cow. She sought the record after veterinarians and the cow's foot trimmer constantly noted the 2,000-pound animal's size, Hanson said.