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Stolen basket case is resolved as apologetic thief comes forward

A SHOP owner has withdrawn his threat to name and shame the thief who stole his hanging baskets after the young man came forward.

Shortly before the 3pm deadline yesterday, the culprit rang Brian Noonan to apologise and to arrange a meeting to return the baskets.

Mr Noonan (25), who owns Noonan's Checkout in Terenure, said he had forgiven the thief after he confessed and offered to make a donation to charity.

On Thursday Mr Noonan threatened to post the CCTV footage of the theft of his €70-a-piece floral hanging baskets.


He also warned that he would put up a poster of the thief in his shop window "for a year if needs be" if he did not come forward by 3pm yesterday.

However, the episode has had a happy ending after Mr Noonan met the thief.

He returned the baskets and also gave Mr Noonan cash to repair the wall bracket and for a donation to charity.

"He apologised for his actions and let's just say that this kind of thing wouldn't be a normal thing for him," Mr Noonan told the Herald.

An altogether different poster from the one planned now hangs in the window of the shop and reads: "Time to nip this in the bud, at least he learned to leaf our blooming baskets alone."

"I had planned on posting his face in the window if he didn't come forward and caption it 'This is the tulip that stole our pansies'," said Mr Noonan.

"He was absolutely remorseful, though, and I have chosen to give him the benefit of the doubt."

Since the incident went viral, Mr Noonan has received calls from other businesses hailing his decision to take matters into his own hands.

He also said he has received a number of donations of flowers.

Mr Noonan had previously told the Herald that he had not bothered to call gardai, preferring to "name and shame" the thief himself.

Warned of the potential data protection fine that could ensue if he posted the CCTV image, he said he was offered donations to pay any fines.

Despite the rules, he encouraged other businesses to follow his example.

"People really liked the idea - it's a new way for retailers to stand up for themselves," he said.

"This is a warning to people who try to rob us.

"They should be aware of our terms and conditions - we will publicise your actions."