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Still something fishy about takeaway 'cod' and chips

TAKEAWAYS have yet to stop codding customers with cheaper kinds of fish.

Scientists who exposed mislabelling and food fraud in supermarkets, fish and chip shops and fishmongers four years ago say some fast-food businesses are still at it.

Prof Stefano Mariani revisited his original genetic study and found 41.7pc of fish being sold in takeaways in Dublin is incorrectly labelled as cod compared with 50pc in 2010.

Supermarkets, however, have completely eradicated the practice of mislabelling.

"The media coverage highlighting the findings of the first mislabelling study put super-markets under intense scrutiny, which acted as a catalyst for change," said Prof Mariani. "This hasn't happened to the same degree in the takeaway industry.


"Supermarket chains constantly compete to attract and maintain loyal customers, and their size and financial power may allow them to exert greater control over the supply chain.

Prof Mariani, of the University of Salford, led the original research while he was at UCD.