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Stick to comedy, boxer Bernard tells Rory


Rory Cowan

Rory Cowan

Rory Cowan

KEEPING his mankini body in shape is tough work for Mrs Brown's Boys star Rory Cowan, but his boxing pal Bernard Dunne was on hand to offer a training session.

"I've been trying to get fit and when Bernard invited me for a session I thought I'd be mad to miss the opportunity," Rory told the Herald.

But his hard-core workout with the former champ didn't go too well, as his footwork in the ring left a lot to be desired.

"Bernard said he had never seen anything so bad," said Rory. "He accused me of being the worst dancer in the world because I couldn't even step side-to-side."


The fun-loving star is no closer to becoming a pro-boxer after the workout.

"He didn't ask me to come back anyways," said the actor, who will be sticking with the gym from now on.

In Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, Rory, who plays the TV mammy's flamboyant gay son, famously donned a mankini.

But he has promised it is definitely the last time it will be seen.

The Mrs Brown's Boys crew have enjoyed phenomenal success since the release of the film about the foul-mouthed Dublin matriarch. It is being screened all over the world, and has been a runaway success this week in Fiji of all places, where long queues formed outside cinemas.

Publicist-turned-actor Rory said he will never leave the show.

"There's no point in me looking for anything else," he said. "Nothing would ever be as big as Mrs Brown's Boys."