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Stephen Fry quashes new baby rumours

Stephen Fry appears to have quashed suggestions he may be planning on having a family following his wedding to Elliott Spencer (inset).

The 57-year-old host of the BBC2's QI had hinted "the patter of tiny feet" could figure in a forthcoming autobiography during an event in London.

But Fry - who married earlier this month, just days after his engagement became public knowledge - went on to deny he was taking any steps into fatherhood after his comments were reported.

Asked on Twitter this morning whether he had "baby plans", he replied: "No, don't believe what you read in the papers!"

He spoke about the possibility of children during an appearance at an Apple store in London where he was launching an app.

Asked about fatherhood, he is reported to have said: "Well that is peeping into Volume Two. Volume One, the marriage is still ... I hope it will never close, but in Volume Two the little family, the patter of tiny feet. Come back to me on that one."

Fry also revealed a little more about his low-key wedding to 27-year-old Spencer, saying his first dance was to a song performed by Cole Porter.

"We did have a first dance but anybody who has seen me dance would not call it a dance. It was a shuffle," he said.