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Stella plans own fashion label after losing Sugar legal fight

Apprentice winner Stella English said she is "ready to move on" after losing her constructive dismissal claim against Alan Sugar and plans to launch her own fashion label inspired by Victoria Beckham.

The mother of two sued Sugar after resigning from the stgĀ£100,000-a-year job that was her prize for winning series six of the BBC1 show in 2010, but had her case dismissed.

She told Hello!: "I'm ready to move on to the next phase of my life. My career is just beginning, not ending."

Stella said she went to the tribunal because she wanted to be heard, adding: "I wanted the opportunity to say what I was disappointed about and I certainly feel I've got it off my chest now.

"I've drawn a line under it. It has been a very difficult time and I'm very sorry it ended the way that it did.

"But I'm now earning twice as much money as I did when I worked for Sugar, so it has worked out for the best."

She said she was shocked when Sugar called her a "money-grabber" and admitted it was "very, very hurtful", but added: "It's up to him how he chooses to convey his thoughts. I think mine are best said at home behind closed doors."

Stella praised her husband, Ray, for giving up work as a plumber to look after their children Edward (6) and Frank (4).

She said: "He's watched me go through this gruelling process; he has been the one to pick up the pieces. He found it very hard to hear his wife being called a 'liar' and a 'money grabber'. Poor guy, he has got a lot of grey hairs from the past six years of being with me. But he's very proud to see I'm no walkover."

The 34-year-old said the inspiration for the Miss English label, which aims to design clothes for businesswomen, came from hearing Beckham talk about her design career.

She said: "Victoria said that when she first launched her label, everyone was very dubious about it. But she is one of the world's most influential designers now."