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Steamy novel will be back in book shops in six weeks

JUSTICE Minister Alan Shatter's steamy book will be back in bookshops within six weeks.

It seems the raunchy novel 'you will never forget' is to be given a new lease of life. Poolbeg Press, which first published Laura in 1989, hopes to begin a print run of the 244-page book within weeks.

Representatives from Mr Shatter's office contacted the publishers after Tuesday's Herald ran a front page story under the headline: '50 Shades of Shatter' (below).

They inquired if Poolbeg would consider reproducing the book on the back of the publicity, only to be told that the company was already actively discussing a reprint.

A spokesperson for Poolbeg confirmed to the Herald today: "Hopefully it will be back in shops in about six weeks time."


The book originally sold for IR£4.99 but is now changing hands for more than 10 times that amount online.

Earlier this week we revealed that the novel was referred to the censorship office on the grounds that it might be too "obscene" for an Irish audience.

At the time it was available second hand over the internet for 1c. However, all available copies were sold out within hours of our story.

Now five copies have resurfaced on Amazon and eBay with the cheapest being €30.